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An early adopter of digital advertising in India, Debaroon has a decade of extensive knowledge associating with digital agencies and publishers. He is an ex-Mindshare and associated with several digital advertising firms in India and the UAE between 2009-2022.

Debaroon is currently associated with Reliance General Insurance as Digital Program Management Office Lead - liaising, coordinating and tracking people, progress and profitability of projects. 

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Debaroon is proficient in Project management within the insurance sector involving planning, executing, and controlling projects to deliver desired outcomes within budget, scope, and schedule while managing risks and stakeholders. Here are few key areas - Debaroon excels >

Risk management:

Identify potential risks, assess likelihood and impact, develop contingency plans, and monitor continuously.

Stakeholder management:

Develop strategies to communicate, manage expectations and align goals with stakeholders.

Compliance management:

Ensure projects comply with industry regulations, laws and standards related to data privacy, security, and customer protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Debaroon first stint with corporate world started with Genisys Software, Bangalore (India) as Digital Advertising Executive in the year 2009. Since then, he had been associated with multiple organizations managing varied projects/campaigns, budgets and outcomes.
Debaroon is currently associated with Reliance General Insurance (Mumbai) as Digital Program Management Lead for Insurance/BFSI.

Here are some recent accomplishments at his current tenure with RGI:
#Received recognition for leadership and contribution to the company's growth, resulting in a promotion to a senior
management role within 18months of association.
#Spearheaded Launch of 2 health insurance products (2021‐22)
#Successfully implemented (currently implementing) IRDA, Compliance related initiatives like E‐KYC, ABHA, e‐IA, Account
Aggregator, Health Exchange.
#Acclaimed multiple times for clear and concise communication
#Incorporated automations in data management, information sharing resulting in faster milestone closure and execution.

Debaroon is conversed with multiple data and program management tools like - Jira, MS Todo, Microsoft Projects, Smartdocs Finance and Audit system, MS Excel, Email and relevant communication softwares.

Debaroon is proficient in Project Management, Leadership, Communication, Strategic Thinking, Risk Management, Problem Solving, Stakeholder Communication & Management, Budgeting and financial management, Negotiation Skills, Maintaining QOS, Decision-making and importantly Time Management among others.

Debaroon has successfully completed key certifications related to Digital Marketing, Six Sigma (Yellow) and Project Management basic certifications. As we converse - he is actively pursuing additional certifications in the Program Management Office vertical.

Glad to receive your interest. You may reach out to Debaroon via social media, email or phone. Please see relevant section below for contact coordinates.

Contact Me

Call me on: (+91) 020 3594 8753
Email: inbox at debaroongupta dot in

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